All genuine LEDLENSER products sold in New Zealand as of 4Q of 2016 is covered by a Seven Year (7) year warranty at the distributors discretion. The exception being “old stock” – meaning that certain old items though sold new in 2016 and onwards may still be stock produced pre the change from 5 to 7 years. In this instance the item will only be covered by the original Five (5) Year warranty. As your retailer about the warranty of your product if you are unsure.

Before you read on about our web store warranty process, it is important to note that LEDLENSER.NET.NZ is not the importer of LEDLENSER for New Zealand. We are an online retailer that can assist with LEDLENSER warranties - if your original retailer is not able/willing to assist.

Warranty for product purchased via our web store:
If a product sold via our web store, is not working properly, we (LEDLENSER.NET.NZ and/or LEDLENSERSHOP.CO.NZ) will meet our obligations under Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy.
So what is the repair process?... You are required to email us at sales@ledlenser.net.nz with description of the problem you have with your LEDLENSER product. We require the following information at this initial contact stage:
- Your full name
- Your full street address
- Your mobile phone, home or work telephone number
- Model number of the LEDLENSER product you wish to enquire about
- Serial number of the LEDLENSER product you wish to have assessed
- Name of retailer from whom you have purchased the product if not from LEDLENSER.NET.NZ or LEDLENSERSHOP.CO.NZ
- Date of purchase (as indicated on your copy of your receipt of payment) We will record the service / warranty request

We will then contact you within 1~3 working days with repair / warranty information, and discuss if there are any costs you need to approve prior to proceeding where we deem it a warranty repair. The Warranty will not apply and the LEDLENSER product may not be repairable if :
- There is liquid damage
- There is any sign of impact damage including, but not limited to, major scratches, cracks and/or any other form of indication of impact damage
- Damage has been caused by accidents including, but not limited to, impact damage, power surge, misuse or neglect
- The device has been damaged during excessively rough handling, exposure to harsh Environments (including extreme temperatures [outside of specifications], leaving in direct sunlight, excessive dust or signs of intentional physical damage)
- The LEDLENSER product is found to have been purchased overseas
- The LEDLENSER product is found to be a reproduction (fake)
- There is evidence of repair or tampering by an unauthorised person
- The fault is caused by non-original accessories involving electrical contact
- The LEDLENSER product is outside the warranty period

Possible causes of liquid damage include (but not limited to) :
- Exposure to steam
- Excessive humidity
- Rain
- Immersion in liquid
- Abnormal perspiration
- Condensation when moving from a cool air-conditioned environment into a warmer, humid environment

NOTE: * Some delays may occur when manufacturers experiences a shortage of repair parts.
* All products, where the customer neglects to make contact with us within 60 days of being advised of the product being ready for return to them (the customer), will become the property of the repairer. This could be disposed of, used for spare parts or sold to recover repair costs.