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M. T. From: Western Australia - Oct 31, 2016
Dear Led Lenser,Last year I bought a Led Lenser V2 for work purposes. I drive dump trucks in Western Australia. Their payload is roughly 240 tonne. Combined with the weight of the truck and the payload, they weigh over 500 tonne. Last week I unfortunately dropped my favourite torch in front of the truck whilst getting out for lunch. Little did I know it remained there for 2 hours being constantly reversed over and then being driven back over. I was very concerned that someone might have stolen it until one of my colleagues told me over the 2way radio that he had found it. It was in 3 pieces to my surprise. I had assumed that with the immense weight of the trucks my torch would have been completely unrecognisably flattened. Thoroughly disappointed in myself for not only dropping it but thinking it would never work again, I started to clean off the caked on dirt. I was amazed that neither the led casing or the on/off depressing button had been compromised. The barrel encasing the batteries though was a little worse off. It took some gentle manipulation to remove, replace and clean the battery chamber. I was speechless when after all three parts were held tightly together, the torch still shone blindingly brightly as it always had. A lot of industrial sticky tape was used to hold it all together. The threading for both ends had been sheered off and made it impossible to screw together so well as it had previously done I would like to thank your company for making the strongest, brightest and reliable torch I have ever purchased.